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17th February 2009

9:31pm: I live!
Sorry about not posting for ages and ages. I've been really busy and also I didn't have a camera to take any photos with.

Does anybody play on howrse.com? I recently started playing and it's pretty cool, kind of like neopets with horses but way better. I'm chataignon on there. If anyone wants to sign up (it's a free thing) feel free to put me as your sponsor ;) Or if you have an account already add me as a friend!

Oh yeah, photozz. I finally got a DSLR and I'm totally jazzed about it. I'm still getting the hang of using it, but I like it a lot so far. Here's one shot of Olivia:

Current Mood: crappy

16th October 2008

12:17am: Yesterday I really wanted to take some pictures of Olivia. I probably shouldn't have even been thinking of it because I've been so insanely busy lately, but whatever. So I pick up my camera and take a quick picture of my sister, just to make her mad. And I get this:Collapse )
Now, granted, the black and white function was on at the time, but that is a seriously disturbing picture. Now, all my pictures look like thisCollapse )

So it's pretty much broken. Supposedly there was some sort of recall a while back for my camera- so I'm wondering if this is the problem people were having. I need to look into it and hopefully I can get the part replaced or something. I totally don't have any money at all to buy a new camera with.
Current Mood: aggravated

12th September 2008

6:58pm: I took some shots today of Mirko and Olivia and I thought I might as well upload them. I hope I'm getting a little better at posing them : | It's hard.


More PicturesCollapse )
Current Mood: calm

2nd September 2008

10:04pm: I decided to upload some pictures since I started class today and I won't be able to work on this throne as often. Now mind you, I'm nowhere near done with this back piece. I just wanted to show it for fun. Let me know what you think so far. Also, under the cut I've included some scale pictures with my Shiwoo to show you the size I'm making this and all that. It's pretty big, but I wanted it to be really ostentatious. Please ignore the box he is on XD


Picture to show scaleCollapse )

17th August 2008

12:24am: Slow Going
Argh, sorry I haven't posted in ages even though I promised to show progress pictures of the throne. I've only done the very top part of it so far because I've been busy, but I finished this part a few weeks ago. It still needs a bit of sanding and isn't perfect, but hey, I'm learning :D! And apparently I work extremely slowly, like snail slow. This piece that measures about 8 inches across took me 37 hours to carve. Well, I guess I never liked to be rushed? Anyway, here it is so far, let me know what you think.

Current Mood: busy

26th July 2008

4:30pm: Finally finished!
After this long, I'm finally done with the bench. I took a bunch of pictures, but please excuse the quality. Either my camera is getting worse or my expectations are getting higher. Maybe both. Anyway, I hope you like how it came out in the end. My next project: a throne! I already have some of the materials (I needed something to do while the stain/gloss dried)


The rest of the picturesCollapse )
Current Mood: giddy

20th July 2008

3:41pm: Another Picture
I promised to keep updating on the bench-thing, and so I shall. I would have uploaded this picture a little earlier, but Thursday I had to put my rabbit to sleep, Friday I went to the beach to cheer myself up, and Saturday I was at a grad party on a lake. At least I've been enjoying summer this week I guess. (though I do have a bad case of sunburn)

Anyway, just one picture showing what will be the sides. I'll be staining the pieces tonight and then there's just assembling and finishing. It shouldn't take more than a week so I'll put up more pictures as soon as it's finished.

Current Mood: sore

15th July 2008

2:16am: In Progress
I mentioned before that I had started work on making some doll furniture. I'm planning on making a bench as my first, just because I needed to start with something not too complicated. So the design of it is going to end up being something pretty old-looking, like middle ages sort of. I've been working on the pieces doing some hand carving. I'm actually using a chisel. A really, really old rusty one. It's pretty slow-going, but I'm having fun working on it. Some parts were also cut with a saw. I figured I'd share a few pictures from the beginning and going onwards. Here they are in order:

In progress picsCollapse )


Sorry about the picture quality, my work space isn't very well lit.
Current Mood: accomplished

25th June 2008

11:20pm: Sorry about long time no post, etc, but I haven't had a lot to say. However, I've recently been working on some projects. I'm making a new bench/chair/couch thing for the dolls. I'm still at the "hand carving" it stage. Then I need to make the other pieces and stain/put them together, but it's a start. And also, it's ridiculously hard to chisel this stuff all old school-like. When I have pictures, I will show yoouu!

27th April 2008

8:48pm: Posting to gloat about my winning $50 at my college art show. It was fun, except for the fact that they put the wrong name on my check... Hopefully I can fool the bank into letting me deposit it anyway. The funny thing is, the name they put is my niece's name. Anyway I don't have a picture of my winning piece, but I do have a picture of one of the others. It's here if you're interested in taking a look.

I also took some crazy marionette pictures of Olivia and Casca for my photography final project. I'll be sure to post them here if they come out any good.
Current Mood: dorky

21st April 2008

12:05am: Some pictures of Casca by request! Sorry it took me so long to get them. Also, I know a few of the shots are a bit repetitive, but I just couldn't help myself. Hope you like them anyway.


Keep LookingCollapse )
Current Mood: lethargic

4th April 2008

6:27pm: Preview
I've had Casca's head back from SDink for a little while now, but I haven't had much chance to take decent pictures. So here are some "preview" shots. Definitely nothing fancy, and the background isn't even ironed. Oh! And if you want to see better pics of just the faceup, you can go to Sdink's journal and see her better pics of him. I can't do her work justice.


See the rest...Collapse )
Current Mood: artistic

13th March 2008

1:02am: Wow, a post that I keep messing up...
Finally got around to taking some pictures. I got some new things for Olivia and wanted to show them off. I really love this wig on her, but then, I love almost every wig on her. We'll see if this one sticks around. I got the shirt from Vitta-Vera, in case anyone was wondering. I love it on her. Ok, pics!

More!!Collapse )
Current Mood: exhausted

18th February 2008

5:17pm: I guess sometimes whining to the powers that be can actually get you somewhere XD I got a slot for March for Casca to get his faceup done. I like to think that it was the universe trying to apologize to me for the terrible week I had. But who cares, I'm excited!!
Current Mood: cheerful

10th February 2008

7:47pm: Faceups
Ugh! It's so headache-inducing looking for faceup artists. Anyone who is even close to decent seems to be constantly full and doesn't have a waitlist I can add my name on to. And I'd never send Casca out to just anyone because if I'm going to risk him getting lost in the mail/the faceup artist being a flake and never giving him back then I'm going to risk it for someone good. You hear too many bad things about faceuppers these days. It kind of makes me want to never order a doll from a company without a faceup. ^^;

/whining like a brat

Hopefully I can get some time soon to take some pictures of my gang, it's been tough with school having started, and since I'm taking photo II I'm a little photo'd out if you know what I mean.
Current Mood: full

7th January 2008

6:04pm: Photo-dump!
I took a bunch of pictures- mostly of Casca this last time. I forgot to post my pictures of Olivia I took here; I posted them on DOA. So I'll add a few of those in, and a couple pictures of the whole group at the end. There would be more, but Casca knocked Olivia and Mirko over while I was trying to take pictures XD What a brat. Oh! And I redid his faceup- I like it a lot more now, but it's still pretty bad. I'm just really not good at faceups.


More PicturesCollapse )
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31st December 2007

3:19pm: Got my Iplehouse order in the mail today. Finally, Olivia has a pair of pants! Jeans, to be exact. They almost didn't fit, but I could just barely button them so it's okay. The length is really good too. I got a shirt with them, but it doesn't have any buttons or anything so I'd have to take her head off to get it on. Maybe I would if she wasn't a type 1, but that's a lot of work! ;_;

I'll have pictures up sometime of Olivia in her new jeans, maybe when my 4D order gets here, with stuff for the boys. I'm thinking of making a Luts clothes order too, but I haven't decided. I've just been feeling guilty that my dolls have so few clothes! ^_^;;
Current Mood: cheerful

1st December 2007

1:19am: Who be dis?
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Keep lookin'...Collapse )
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16th November 2007

5:26pm: I just ordered an Fdoll body for my Ryu head as a temporary body, because I'm really impatient and I don't want to wait and save up for a senior delf body ^_^;; I still haven't ordered his eyes/wig because I'm having a hard time deciding. And I need to look up what company clothes fit fdoll bodies...

Anyway, I'll do a photoshoot with Mirko and Olivia soon because I feel a little like I've been ignoring them due to schoolwork etc.
Current Mood: cold

4th November 2007

6:41pm: I took a shot at doing my own faceups today. I can say that it's sort of hard lol. I don't really know how well I did, but it isn't too awful I don't think. I know it does need some work though. I took a few pictures to get advice, but then I sort of added to the faceup afterwards :/ I'll show them anyway though just in case anyone has any suggestions.

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More picturesCollapse )

What I've since done:
Darkened the blushing slightly
darkened eyebrows and evened them out a little more
added some lines under the eyes

Now I really need to buy him a body(leaning towards Fdoll or senior delf), eyes, a wig that fits, and get him a name. Any suggestions? XD
Current Mood: accomplished

26th October 2007

4:45pm: *does a little dance*

My Migidoll Ryu head came in the mail today! (...well. I had to chase after the mail truck because I'd been fast asleep when they rang the doorbell ^_^;;) But I love it, it's so pretty. I'm glad I made up my mind to order one. Now to save up money for a body... or at least some eyes or something. I'm sort of waiting for more people to say which bodies match the NS.
Current Mood: excited

9th October 2007

5:22pm: I um... don't know why I do these book memes, but I do. I just like them :O And I'll also blame it on the fact that I'm sick today and skipping my art history class so I have time :3

Book list thingieCollapse )
Current Mood: sick

5th October 2007

4:28pm: I gots a couple of totally crap pictures that I took a while ago, I've just been too busy to post them. So here they are.

Crap Pictures, This WayCollapse )
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30th August 2007

7:33pm: Why hello there weekend, boy am I glad to see you. I've forgotten how much I really don't like going to school, even if it's just for art classes. Especially when one of those art classes happens to be design principles. My brain, it does not think in that way :/

But I am glad to be not in school for 4 days. Mirko and Olivia will get many cuddles today :3
Current Mood: relieved

24th August 2007

11:41pm: Finally gots some jeans :D
Mirko's jeans came in today, and they are wonderful! I got them from Cheerydoll USA, and they fit fantastic. I was a bit worried that the fit wouldn't be good or that I wouldn't like them because I'm a bit picky, but they're perfect. And the quality is awesome as well. I very much recommend them :3

So! Of course there are a few pictures. For some reason, when I upload them to photobucket the quality always gets really crappy. Any advice?

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Onward to ze photos!Collapse )
Current Mood: giggly
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